Act Parks And Conservation Enterprise Agreement

C.6.1 All SWS wage assessment agreements under the terms of this schedule, including the reasonable percentage of the minimum wage to be paid to the worker, must be submitted by the employer to the Fair Work Commission. (a) This award includes ACTPS employees in the schedule A classifications of this award, excluding any other modern price. Ranger appoints a staff member responsible for patrolling, inspecting and protecting parks and reserves, and formulating and implementing related management and development plans. Tasks include performing interpretive activities, operating and maintaining associated facilities and equipment routinely, conducting or assisting with field investigations and investigations, and coordinating search and rescue operations. It also includes field inspection and training of personnel assigned to these activities (ii) The range may differ from the range in paragraph 8.2, paragraph c) (c) within 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, after consultation with the employer and the majority of the workers involved, compared to the range limited to paragraph 8.2 (c) (c) i). When such a waiver is made, the other admission and year-end period is read in lieu of the time covered in paragraph 8.2 (c) (c) C.5.2 All assessments conducted on this schedule must be recorded in a SWS wage assessment contract and retained by the employer as a time and salary record in accordance with the law. If the employer does not agree with the above assessment of the OTR and the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement between the RTO, the employer and the apprentice, the matter may be referred to the competent learning authority of the state or territory for finding. If the case is not in a position to be dealt with by such an authority, it can be dealt with in accordance with paragraph 27 – dispute resolution. In order to avoid doubts, disputes relating to other provisions of this apprenticeship allocation can be dealt with in accordance with paragraph 27 – dispute resolution. (xix) The rate of pay is paid to the apprentice from the first full salary period beginning on the date of the agreement or after the date of the conclusion of an agreement or on a date set as part of the dispute settlement procedure. 4.2 The Director General and the individual worker must have effectively entered into the agreement without constraint or coercion.

An agreement under this clause can only be reached after the individual worker registers a job with the management or agency.