Youth Mobility Agreement Canada Germany

As a result, applications for youth mobility visas are not accepted until further notice. We have drawn up a list of frequently asked questions about the German working holiday visa and youth mobility. There is a lot of uncertainty in the context of the working holiday visa, because it is based on intergovernmental agreements and there is very limited information on this in the German law on residence. Agreements are generally short and are not very detailed on the rules of work and can therefore be interpreted. If you have a refugee travel document issued by a country that has a youth mobility agreement with Canada, you are not allowed to participate. Please note:Youth Mobility Visa: You can also apply for a youth mobility visa at any German mission abroad or a foreign service after you arrive in Germany. However, we strongly recommend that a visa be issued in advance. Employment cannot be started before compulsory authorization. The German Consulate should consult your policy document of the world`s nomads, which contains coverage data and political inclusions. When and where you submit your applicationThe applicant may be noted that your visa can only be issued at least three months before the planned trip to Germany. The processing time is about 2 to 3 weeks for full applications. If you live in Canada, you can apply in person at the German Consulate in Toronto or by mail.

Please note that your visa can only be issued three months before the planned trip to Germany. If you want help on one of the forms, check out our Berlin Working Holiday package, which involves the subscription of visa documents – with our help, we make sure your application is in top shape before submission. This may be a confirmation of a hostel/hotel booking or a letter from relatives/friends with whom you will be staying with a copy of your passport and proof of your residence in Germany. Germany has a large and diversified economy, with a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises. Strong industrial sectors include automotive, chemicals, green technologies, renewable energy and software. . Get valuable work experience abroad in your field of study. You can also apply personally to the Local Foreigners Office in Germany after your arrival. However, note that you are not allowed to work before obtaining the corresponding visa and work permit from the Office of Foreigners.

It may also take a few weeks before you are able to get an appointment at their offices. Since they are local authorities, they may not be immediately aware of the requirements of the youth mobility agreement. Important ConditionsPassport- Its validity must extend by at least three months the duration of the visa you are applying for.- It must contain at least two blank pages.- It must have been issued within the last ten years. Image size You`ll find the size requirements of the image here. To obtain the youth mobility visa for Germany, it is imperative that you take out travel insurance all year round. It is imperative that your policy covers you for the duration of your visa. It is simply a letter containing the names and contact information of family members in Canada. This may be information from your parents or other family members. . You should start preparing your application as soon as you plan to stay in Germany with more than 90 days.

The entire visa application process can take up to three weeks.