The Team


Kukeleku is an Amsterdam based media production company of the young professionals Bart de Braal and Nick Hoedeman. Both of them have been working for years in television and broadcast design. They have brought their talent and experience together in the company Kukeleku, with the focus on television shows. Kukeleku is a team of editors, writers,

producers, directors and cameramen. In other words: makers, thinkers, explorers and creators. They are great storytellers and really know how to bring stories to life in a refreshing way.

Everybody gets challenged to do more. We work hard, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Just enjoying what we do and of course, laugh a lot.

Nick Hoedeman

A talker, an explorer, a storyteller. Knows exactly how to create that perfect shot and tells stories in a raw but beautiful way.

Bart de Braal

A thinker, a creator, an innovator. Knows how to find that extra, that twist that makes a concept different from other concepts.