Pr. Nicolai &
Dr. Beckand


‘Professor Nicolai & Dr. Beckand’ is a humoristic game show where Ruben Nicolai and Tijl Beckand put science to the test by doing crazy experiments. Sometimes even risking their own lives by putting themselves in a container with fire, shooting a harpoon under water or turning of the engine of a helicopter high in the air.
Together with Blue Circle we made this show possible.



Concept Blue Circle Director instarts Nick Hoedeman Production Blue Circle Edit Kukeleku Audiodesign Gooi & Vecht Studio Colorist Gerlof Kamerling Client Blue Circle



‘Met De Deur In Huis’ is a remake of the English show ‘Through The Keyhole’. In this humoristic game show comedian Tineke Schouten takes the viewer on a tour in the houses of famous Dutchies. In the studio a panel of four celebs has to guess whose house it is.



Concept Blue Circle Production Blue Circle Edit Bastiaan Brand Audiodesign Gooi & Vecht Studio Colorist Gerlof Kamerling Client Blue Circle Graphics Mathijs Kok


The Freestyle Games is an urban sports show that aired on BNN. This show is a search for Holland’s best freestyle athlete. We filmed a lot of action, high jumps, amazing flips, tricks, but also lots of crashes and bruises. Kukeleku was responsible for directing the television show and the post production. It was an intense ride with lots of night work and many takeouts, but we are very proud of the result.



Concept Blue Circle Production BNN/Blue Circle Facilities The Crew Director Nick Hoedeman Edit Arend Andreae, Nick Hoedeman, Bastiaan Brand, Duncan van de laar, Emiel Strzeszewski, Orly Nurany Audiodesign Mengwerk Client Blue Circle/BNN