Madurodam is a theme park where kids playful come acquainted with all kind of Dutch stories, stories we Dutchies are really proud of. To show Madurodam has lots of interactive and educational games, we came up with a game show. Every episode two teams, each with two kids, compete against each other. Who are real teamplayers and also know the most about our tiny country the Netherlands? In HiHaHolland we find out.



Concept RTL, Bart de Braal Directors Nick Hoedeman, Michelle Hurkmans Script Judith Mathéron, Michelle Hurkmans Production Stephanie Broertjes Production assistants Romy Spijker, Bente Schaaf, Daphne Polak Camera Hans Overeem, Max Meertens, Jeroen van Zuilen, Jozef Leenhouwers, Guido Breedveld, Bastiaan Brand Audio Bob Segers, Erik Muller, Marijn de Ruijter Edit Bastiaan Brand, Odine ten Herkel Graphics Bart de Braal Audio Gooi en Vecht Studio Colorist Gerlof Kamerling, Ivery Barel Set Loovision Client RTL, Telekids, Madurodam


The Blauwe Kaart is an initiative from Volkswagen and the KNVB to stimulate sportive behaviour of kids on and of the soccer field. The same named television show The ‘Blauwe Kaart’ surprises the soccer teams who showed that sportive behaviour. It were surprises like sleeping in the Oranje Hotel, clinics from famous soccer players Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and André Ooijer but also being cheered by the populair vlogger Enzo Knol.


Concept Branddeli Host Bart Boonstra Director Nick Hoedeman Script Judith Mathéron Production Stephanie Broertjes Production assistant Romy Spijker Camera Martijn de Vré Audio Donny Ulendorp Edit Mathijs Kok  Audio: Gooi en Vecht Studio Client Nickelodeon, Branddeli, Volkswagen, KNVB 


Fashion designer Nikkie Plessen has a new kids brand: Nik&Nik. For its promotion we made a commercial and the TV series Joy & Bart. Every episode the famous vlogster Beautynezz (Joy) and Nickelodeon host Bart Boonstra dive in the worlds of fashion, beauty, showbizz and sport.



For example, they went backstage at Holland’s next Top Model, they joined B-Brave for a day, recorded a song in the studio with the girls from TP4Y and met a lot of artists at concerts and festivals. The show is broadcasted on Nickelodeon, but also on Joy’s YouTube channel. Joy has more than 400.000 subscribers and every episode has approximately 300.000 views.

Concept Nikki Plessen and Kukeleku Hosts Beautynezz (Joy) and Bart Boonstra Director Willem Revis Script Judith Mathéron Production Stephanie Broertjes Production assistant Bente Schaaf Camera Bastiaan Brand Edit Bastiaan Brand Graphics Bart de Braal


Landal GreenParks is a chalet-park with more than 75 parks. In the park they have a bear. Well not a real bear, it’s a mascot. His name is Bollo and he is friends with everyone. Landal asked us to create a show with Bollo in the lead.

The show had to be fun, but also a little bit educating. Therefore we came up with the following idea, which is a huge success. In this show a bear named Bollo goes together with his human friend Saar on many adventures. Bollo is a “real” bear and doing human things doesn’t always work out. Fortunately he has Saar who tries to keep him out of trouble. On the other hand Bollo knows a lot about nature and loves to teach Saar more about it.


Concept Bart de Braal Director Willem Revis  Script Judith Matheron Art Director Bart de Braal Production Stephanie Broertjes, Romy Spijker Camera Albert Stokkers Sound Jasper Del Prado Cast Liz Vergeer (Saar), Ruud Kneefel (Bollo), Kukeleku (puppet master) Edit Odine ten Herkel, Judith Matheron, Mathijs Kok Audiodesign Gooi en vecht studio Client RTL, Telekids, Landal Greenparks

Hooi Hooi

At Farmcamps vacations you stay…well…yeah… on a farm. To create more awareness for Farmcamps, they came up with a television show: Hooi Hooi Helden.

Hooi Hooi Helden is an adventurous farmer game show. Kids compete in pairs for the most wanted title ‘Junior Boeren Helden 2014’ by doing funny, clever and adventurous games on a farm.



Concept Bart de Braal Director Nick Hoedeman Production Sandra de Langh, Deffnie Polak Script Anne Simmers, Frida Jager Camera Maurits Helfensteijn, Volkert Vonk, Richard de Jong, Odine ten Herkel Sound Jasper Del Prado, Matthijs de Vries, Rick Lambregts Edit Bart de Braal, Odine ten Herkel Client RTL, Telekids, Farmcamps

The B.V.K.

Jumbo asked us to create a show based on their games about money and traffic. We chose to make a club. It’s a club where every kid wants to be part of: The B.V.K. Club.

The BVK club is a club of five curious kids who answer questions about traffic and money. They do that each in their own and unique way. We made a serie of ten episodes.



Concept Bart de Braal Production Stephanie Broertjes, Romy Spijker Script Lizzy van Dulken, Milou Goedhart Camera Martijn de Vré, Josef Leenhouwers, Bastiaan Brand, Sophie Koster, Juun Hoyng Director Jan Willem Wit Gaffer Ernst Jan Thieme Sound Maarten Ruyssenaars, Jasper Del Prado Décor Snoeij en Snoeij Laren Edit Bastiaan Brand, Sophie Koster Graphics Mathijs Kok Voice Over Yousef Gnaoui Audiodesign Gooi en Vecht Studio, M-ost Studio Client RTL, Telekids, Jumbo


The Pitstop Shop is a show with a tough garage keeper: Rob. Everyone with a problem comes to the garage; because Rob has the answer. Are all your tricks failing because your BMX is old and rusty? He’ll fix it. Can’t get the attention of the boy you like? Rob will pimp your scooter so the whole block, and also that cute boy will notice you. We made a serie of five episodes.



Concept Bart de Braal Director Willem Revis Production Stephanie Broertjes, Romy Spijker Camera Martijn de Vre, Sophie Koster Sound Jasper Del Prado Visagie Bianca van der Vaart Setdressing Lars van Overbeek Edit Mathijs Kok Client RTL, Telekids Audiodesign Gooi en Vecht studio

Staying awake
on Newyears Eve

Staying awake on Newyears Eve is a big challenge for kids. Therefore we made ten shorts, which where broadcasted from 7 pm till 12 pm, to keep the kids awake so they could see the fireworks at midnight. The shoot was one big chaos, but we had lots of laughs! Food, confetti, snow and sugar powder were flying through the air! The shoot was at our office. We still find confetti and fake snow now and then.



Concept Kukeleku/RTL Presenters Janouk Kelderman, Patrick Martens Director Nick Hoedeman Creative Bart de Braal Production Stephanie Broertjes Camera Martijn Faber Sound Jasper Del Prado Edit Bastiaan Brand, Mathijs Kok Client RTL, Telekids